Walker Flocker "Close That Door"



Walker Flockers "Close That Door" event was something that Jacksonville had never seen , from the line that stretched out all around the building to the aesthetic before you even entered the venue, this event was truly special. The minute you walk into the building you are greeted by multiple tv screens with a analog static representing security footage of yourself. The multiple colors and fog consumed the room to a point where you felt like you left Jacksonville and entered a new world. The venue presented a car inside the venue, projectors on the walls playing videos , a full stage , full audio equipment , full bar. This event was truly something special featuring Digital Nas and other Jacksonville locals that are dominating the scene. Acts like Ricky Aunt Acid , The Black Toilet , Sex Tape , Buhlil and many more. This night was something truly special if you weren't there you missed out on a brand new experience. It's been years since concrete but anyone that went that night will forever have memories.